31 Gymnasts Stand Around A Mat, Seconds Later The Audience Gasps

It’s amazing to see the feats that humans can do. Every day, people are pushing the limits of their body to the maximum. Some dedicate their lives to perform some amazing things with their bodies. For instance, dancers like ballerinas start from such an early age to make their bodies flexible as well as strong enough to perform some jaw-dropping shows. Gymnasts are also some amazing people. The hours they put into flexing and twisting their bodies and pushing the boundaries is stunning.

The video below shows a perfect example of the marvels of gymnastics. It features a performance from the first day of the second World Gym For Life Challenge which was held in Cape Town South Africa a few years back. The group shown in the following clip is called TS Goetzis Zurcaroh, and it is made up of a bunch of very talented men and women. They mad heads turn with their vibrant neon colored outfits, but there was so much more to them than that.

They made a stunning display of their strength, flexibility and grace. The crowd must all have dropped their jaws to the ground. Now, some of us think that gymnastics is not that interesting, and that we have seen all the moves there is to be seen. But this group certainly stirs up some surprise! They leave the crowd at the edge of their seats, wondering what they will pull off next!

The group performed to music by Cirque du Soleil and Mark Mancina. Cirque du Soleil is known to put on extravagant shows, and this group really gave them a run for their money!

[ytvid id=”YH7cKq1uoUE”]

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