The idea around photography has evolved relatively compared to ancient times. During the primitive times, our predecessors preserved photos with a lot of care due to the limitation it possessed on clicking them. With the introduction of smartphones and cameras, this restriction has been lifted off and bestowed with the freedom of clicking whatever our heart desires.
That could be of the reason people these days are negligent towards the worthiness maintained with pictures.

Triplets Take a Photo Every Year for 34 years! Amazing Time Lapse 1-10 screenshot

Nonetheless, this privilege has granted us the opportunity to be creative; the video below is one example. Benni, Basti, and Florian Füger three brothers decide to embark on an innovative journey by taking an image of them every year till the age of 34. The triplets look very much alike at the beginning but watch the video till the end to see the remarkable uniqueness that follows them over the years.

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