This is a Regular Fork, but This Simple Trick Could Secure Your Home in an Emergency

Sometimes, the things we have lying around in our house have much more use than we can think of. Thanks to Youtube, learning new skills and honing the existing ones has never been so exciting. Take the lockdown for example. Many trapped inside the house began investing their energy into new projects.

In the clip below, Youtuber Phil Crockett guides his audience to use a simple dinner fork as a safety device. Let’s say your lock has been broken, and you’ve meant to fix it. But hardly could manage any time or forgot it due to your pending work.

When it comes time to lock the door at night, this little trick by Phil can come in handy, and you could have a safe and sound sleep. Not just that, this knowledge can be beneficial when you are traveling, adding extra security in your motel rooms or dressing rooms. All you need is a dinner fork.

Please press play and enjoy the educational clip.

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