Mother Who Abandoned a 2-year-old Daughter, Gets What She Deserved!

A 31-year old woman from Southern California named Chiengkham Vilaysane also known as ‘Cindy’ was arrested due to allegedly abandoning her 2-year old daughter at a Food4Less grocery store in Van Buren Boulevard, Riverside. Her entrance at the grocery store with her daughter trailing behind her was caught in a CCTV footage. The unattended child wandered off and someone took her back to Vilaysane, in which she told the good Samaritan to “just leave her”. After getting her groceries, she checked out of the store and left alone. At around 5 in the afternoon, the girl was founded alone at the store.

After the security footage was obtained, they showed it to the little girl and she identified her mother in a black top and shorts whom she called, ‘mommy’. 2 days after, Vilaysane visited a bank and the teller recognized her from the news and reported to the police. She was arrested and booked on child endangerment and child neglect. There is also a suspicion that she is under the influence of controlled substances.

Vilaysane’s daughter whose name was identified as Danica was placed in Child Protective Services. Meanwhile, it was identified that Vilaysane has another older daughter who was staying with their father. She also failed to provide an address during a court hearing in which resulted in Judge Diaz denying her a release without bail.

While it was determined that she is suffering from mental health issues and problems with addiction, her family members claim that she is a good mother. Watch the full video here:

While Vilaysane may be dealing with drug addiction and mental health, it is still not a good reason for her to abandon her own child at a grocery store. What do you think? Leave a COMMENT and SHARE this post!