Most dads would do just about anything to make their kids happy, which is why so many of us adults still look up to them as heroes.

This video will make you feel so delighted at the thoughtfulness this father exhibits towards his children. He really went the extra mile because he wanted his kids to be special–and boy did he succeed.

This family was on a budget and couldn’t afford extravagant furniture, so dad makes a creative substitute that knocks their socks off instead: a treehouse bed that’s going to be the envy of all their friends.

This video shows the entire process from cleaning out the old room to designing and making the new bed. It’s a little long, so once you get the gist of the construction, feel free to skip ahead to 9:00 and see the kids’ reaction.  It’s priceless!

Watch the full video below of the hero dad in action! And fill us in on special gifts you got from your dad in the comments.

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