36 Toy Soldiers Line Up — When They Topple Over, The Audience Gasps In Awe

The Rockettes have been America’s precision dance company for almost over a century. In 1925 John Tiller formed the American icons of today. The American Chorus line has excellent style, flair, and glamour.

The British dance troupe was a great inspiration for the team. The general idea was to achieve precision and ultimate uniformity in the movements of the dancers. Initially, the team started with just 16 dancers. And now they have an enormous number of line dancers.

Rockettes, first performance ‘”Missouri Rockets,” was a massive hit. Furthermore, famously known for their Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. And annual concert in Radio City Christmas Spectacular. The radio City Music Hall, New York City, hosts the yearly musical holiday stage show.

In the clip, we get to witness the accuracy of their steps. The 36 dancers line up on the stage. The act is trust fall. One by one, they manage to execute a perfect fall amazing. However, the dance is hardly as easy as it looks. The group practices it a couple of times. Once they figure out the basics, they have to practice again with the full uniform. They have made a total spin out of something so simple as trust fall. Please press play and enjoy the fantastic showcase of talents by the Rockettes. Do share your thoughts in the act.

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