According to a Study, Kids Who Read Every Day Have a ‘Million Word’ Advantage Over Their Peers

Science has changed so much drastically in just a few decades. With a dedicated focus on research every day, we learn something about nature, wild beings, or even humans. The human evolution theory is scrutinized over and over again.

Our personality, behavioral changes from a younger are part of studies. With the reviews comes findings and conclusions put to using usage on making us better every day. Therefore one of the similar conclusions says, Kids who read from an early age have over a million-word advantage over their peers.

The society has from the past and future has little to no resemblance at this point. Things have moved at such speed. Everyone is trying to win the race. Hence, incorporating every new exercise in parenting during this time is a bit challenging. However, the study we are talking about is all facts. The research goes on to explain why we should do that?

The answer is pretty simple for the enormous developmental advantage. A study done in the universities of Ohio concluded. The kids who read or hear five books in one day. They will have an advantage of over 1.4 million word advantages. Therefore these kids will be better prepared to listen to these vocabularies than those who don’t read.
This is a short exercise when your bonding for 5- 10 minutes. Maybe grab something your kids enjoy. I hope you find this study helpful. Please share your thoughts in the feed.

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