87 Year Old Women Touches Soul of Alzeimer’s Sufferer With This Christian Hymn

Alzheimer is a severe disease that often occurs after 60 years. It is a brain disorder that destroys a person’s cognitive ability. Every human’s beings need emotional affection to function correctly. This incredible video shows the significance of cognitive training for human beings.

The video features the 87 year’s old women suffering from an advanced Alzheimer’s disease. At the same time, her inability to function any of her body parts is distressing to watch. Naomi Feil, a validation therapist, provides her emotional affection. Naomi chants Jesus’s music to produce her hope and faith. She reasonably communicates with the granny crossing her cognitive and emotional boundaries.

Gradually, the remarkable response shown by granny is satisfying to watch. Her body movement after the emotional training set viewers to have hope. Meanwhile, the white Jewish lady showed the importance of emotional care for the human soul.

Watch the soul-warming video here below and pass it to your friends and families.

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