Toddler Holds Newborn Baby Sister for 1st Time Uttering Vow of Protection – Mom Lucky to Get on Camera

Introducing your toddler to their newborn sibling can be nervewracking! These things can only go two ways— they’ll either accept their new playmate. Or they’ll start acting out due to jealousy. Luckily for this Mom, not only was her older child fond of the baby, her reaction to the first meeting was magical!

Heather Conley from Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, knew that three-year-old Molly was waiting for the day to meet her new sister. But she wasn’t expecting to witness such a touching moment between the two siblings. As the new parent films the siblings, Molly holds baby Cora and makes a heart-melting vow.

big sister molly

Molly is ecstatic about getting to hold the baby. Moreover, she clutches the baby tight in her arms while she sits in the hospital bed. Heather has to tell her to be gentle, so she doesn’t hurt the baby in excitement! But then, the toddler starts telling the baby that she won’t drop her. Furthermore, she promises never to let her go giving a sweet kiss. Awww. She’s going to make a great sister. Watch the adorable video below:

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