I Got Nervous When the Seal Came Too Close to Them But His Goofy Reaction Just Melted My Heart

Seals are the dogs of the sea. And rightfully so, these marine mammals are just so friendly! Although they are wild animals, there have been many instances where these animals have come up to humans to play with them. Likewise, this group had a miraculous encounter with seals during an expedition to Antarctica!

If you’ve ever seen a seal, it was probably a Northern pinniped commonly found in places like California. However, the seal in the video is a Southern species which live in the chilly region of Antarctica. Moreover, explorers with the Cheeseman’s Ecology Safari got to see elephant seals lounging on an island. That’s when a young one came to greet them!

seal meets visitors

The wide-eyed seal was doing a few stretches with a penguin when it spots the visitors pointing their cameras at it. Surprisingly, instead of shying away, the pup approaches them. It even nudges on the woman’s leg, urging her to play together. Moreover, the curious animal seems to love the camera, also putting on an acrobatic show! This affectionate seal was born to be a star. Watch the adorable encounter below:

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