Doggo Couldn’t Look at Mama in the Eye After She Chows Down a Pack of Snacks Secretly. I’m in Splits!

Dogs are the best additions to any family. They are always so tender and affectionate towards their owners and their family. They remain loyal to you no matter what, and don’t hesitate to protect your home from any threat or danger. But that doesn’t mean they are always good all the time. Even they can be a little naughty every once in a while if you aren’t too careful. They can become a little destructive, especially if they feel bored or have a ton of energy.

This is true especially with smarter breeds of dogs. Regular exercise every day can help release all that pent up energy and keep them calm and obedient. But sometimes, even the best dogs can’t resist the urge to break into a little snack pack and give in to temptation! If you have a dog, you might know how they can sneak some food behind your back. The pooch in the following video is a perfect example, as she was caught red-handed.

The dog in this video is Cuppa. She looks like she is a German Shepherd mix. Her owner had caught her doing something naughty. She had chowed down on a packet of snacks without letting her mom know. When she was confronted about her little picnic, Cuppa can’t hide the guilt from her face! The shame she’s feeling is so apparent. You know a dog is guilty of a naughty deed if they can’t even bring themselves to look into your eyes!

Check out the full video below:

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