While many children are fortunate enough to be best friends with their siblings, it is common for brothers and sisters to fight. Sibling rivalry commonly begins before the birth of the second child and continues as the children grow and compete for everything from toys to attention.

As children progress through their developmental stages, their changing needs can have a significant impact on how they interact with one another. And as common as the sibling’s fight is, no one has ever fought like Jadon and Dylan Kate.


Jadon and Dylan are both gifted siblings. While Jadon is an excellent pianist and tap dancer, Dylan’s voice captivates the audience. They each have their own YouTube channel. Despite their disparate personalities, both siblings are united by their love of acting and art in general.

Jadon and Dylan shared the stage for a rendition of Hallelujah during a beautiful ballad. However, no one expected the routine to take such a dramatic turn. Watch the full video here:

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