Baby ‘Rocks Out’ to Heavy Metal While Dad Plays Guitar

Rock n Roll isn’t just a music genre; it is a complete lifestyle! Moreover, one does not simply grow out of this musical phase. They just pass it down to the younger generation! That’s what you see this Dad doing as he plays Bon Jovi on guitar. And he even has an early start!

Babies are very impressionable. More often than not, they like what their parents prefer. And this is true in case of musical taste. Likewise, 8-month-old Sydney already has a knack for rock music! And when Dad picks up the guitar, she has a song request— Bon Jovi’s hit song, “Wanted Dead or Alive!”

baby rocker bon jovi

As Dad starts playing and singing, the tiny girl feels the music with her body. In true rocker fashion, she even headbangs and sings along! Unfortunately, she’s not old enough to talk, so she screams along with the melody like a true fan. Furthermore, we love how both the Daddy and daughter get entirely lost in the music. Watch the adorable video below:

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