Pit Bull Had A Puppy With A Dachshund, And The End Result Is Baffling Millions Of People

Mother Nature makes no mistakes, but some of her children surely make you do a double take. For instance, look at this dog named Rami. This unusual looking dog is result of a pit bull and a dachshund getting together. A man spotted the dog walking in his backyard. He called the local shelter and described him as a “pit bull with short legs”. He was then taken to the Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society, and they even made him the ambassador. Many people have already asked to adopt him, but the Society hadn’t put him up for adoption.

Everyone loves Rami. He might look unusual, but this adorable pooch is always energetic and playful!

Rami became a viral sensation on the internet. Since then, thousands of people have applied to adopt him into their homes.

Rami is beautiful in his own unconventional way. No wonder millions were left in awe by this pooch!

Take a look at him in action below:


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