19-month-old Melts Hearts Holding Newborn for 1st Time and It Will Melt Your Heart!

Welcoming a newborn to the family is always a joy. However, things can get a little tough when it involves introducing a child to their new sibling! Some kids show unbridled excitement about having a new playmate. However, some kids get jealous of the fact that the new baby has all their parent’s attention! Luckily, this toddler couldn’t wait to hold her new sister!

19 month Orla has been anticipating for the day she gets to meet her new sibling! So, after the birth, she is ready to greet her with open arms! Just spending some time in the neonatal care, Orla’s parents decide to introduce the baby to Orla. But they couldn’t imagine that the toddler was so enthusiastic!

toddler meets baby

Right after Mom hands over the baby to Orla, she grabs the tiny human, like a champ! You can see that she’s been practicing with her dolls as the toddler puts her in her lap. Moreover, she gives her sister a sweet kiss on the cheeks. But her fascination with the baby doesn’t end there! The adorable toddler is in awe with how little her sister is. She points at her tiny nose, eyes, and socks! Furthermore, she even gives the newborn a lick! Watch the precious moment below:

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