Owner Drops Ball Between Caique Parrots – Their Next Move is a Total Stunner

Animals are smart in their own ways. When we think of smart animals, chimpanzees, dolphins and even dogs come to mind. But birds like crows and parrots can be really intelligent as well. Sometimes they can even too smart for their own good. Parrots are known for their ability to mimic speech and sounds that they hear around them. But they are also great at learning cool tricks as well. Just take a look at the pair in the following video!

This colorful pair of parrots is showing all of us how these stunning animals are really smart and quite athletic. In this insanely popular video, a woman drops a ball in between two little Caique parrots. Caiques are really playful in generally, and these two actually start playing a game of basketball! These birdies might be small, but they’re pretty quick to move around. They put their own spin on a game of basketball, and things took an adorable turn very quickly.

The two parrots took their turns holding the ball, taking it down the table that had been turned into a makeshift table. They they begin doing a slam-dunk in the other’s basket. We have to admit, the birds are a bit more polite and sweeter than the athletes we see on the big screen – and there’s not too much defense. But regardless, it’s quite a sight to see these parrots run up and down the court and actually pull off some adorable shots!

Whatever the case though, the crowd watching this match certainly weren’t disappointed. They couldn’t stop cheering for the feathered friends!

Check out this amazing video below:

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