Siberian Husky Dad Adorably Plays With His Puppies for the First Time

Dad’s tend to be the goof of the family. They can’t help but joke around with everyone! Although they don’t take things seriously, they sure do love their kids. Most fathers say that the best moment of their life was meeting their children for the first time. And I’m sure this Siberian Husky Dad can say the same!

Puppies can be quite a handful! But imagine a litter of 9 puppies going wild in a single room. And this is the reality for Felicia, the owner of the dogs and Kitana, the proud mother! Moreover, both of them have done a great job of rearing healthy and happy pups. And at six weeks, it is finally the right time to meet their Dad!

siberian husky dad

The Husky puppies are busy causing mischief after they are all put in a room together. Soon, Dash comes hopping in, thrilled to meet his young replicas! At first, the curious dog gives a puppy a sniff. After determining that they are his, he moves straight to playing with them! Moreover, the overexcited father even has to be reminded to be gentle with the little hounds. Further, he’s so eager to play with them that he turns into the biggest puppy! Watch the adorable video below:

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