Performing in front of a big crowd is not an easy job, it takes determination and confidence to pull it off. That’s why these youngsters are so impressive.

This video shows an adorable pair of three-year-old cousins dancing “joropo” in front of hundreds of people. Joropo is a popular social dance in Venezuela and Colombia with a lively rhythm, composed of various choreographic figures and with influences from black and Creole music. This video rocketed this young couple to fame with over 12 million  YouTube views–a testament to the skill of these two young dancers!

The video was posted on YouTube by the young boy, Nodier Suarez Cordoba, who is from Trinidad, Casanare, Colombia. Nodier says it was his first performance in front of a crowd and he still does joropo dancing.

This video will impress you for sure. Watch the full video below!

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