Upbeat Toddler Dancing On The Sidelines Upstages The Actual Dancers

Remember the days when memorizing dance meant you were cool somehow. And every time the song comes on, you would just start going on with the steps. Me and my friends got around a few of these songs. We would practice every day during our lunch break. One of my favorite being “Macarena.” Do share yours in the comment section as well.

Learning any dance steps takes dedication. One has to be fully committed to it. Or so I thought, but this cute little boy has proven me wrong. Although I am not mad about it, look at him go. The boy is totally stealing the limelight from the dancers behind him. Once the music began he knew what to do. Possibly he could be scrutinizing their every move up until then.


Every now and then, he turns around to make sure he is on track with the team. What’s impressive is the way he is upstaging the dancers with a gigantic smile on his face. The boy has figured the routine out somehow. Repetition is the key to sure beats. There are few times he goes on without looking behind, sure of his steps.

Please press play and enjoy this fantastic kid rocking the side stage.

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