Dad-Daughter Duo Goes Viral as They Belt Out Dreamy Country Duet

As we begin taking control of our life, spending time with your family becomes easier said than dons. The only gatherings possible are right around the holiday. When we are young, we get to be with our family as much as we want. Spending one on one time with either of our parents and bonding over something is special.

Much like the dad and daughter duo that is taking over the internet with their jamming session. Dad, Kris Jones, is praised for his rich and soulful vocal prowess. Many users even call him “Tennessee Whiskey” dad based on his singing sensation with his 15-year-old daughter, “Dayla”. Kris works as a contractor. Hence he is traveling most of the time due to his work. So, when her daughter presented with the idea of capturing a duet for social media.

Initially, the 38-year-old hesitated but eventually agreed to the idea. He is probably making up for the time he is not around the family. From a young age, Kris wanted to pursue singing as a career. But life had other plans for him. He is the youngest of five siblings and being raised by a single mom. Kris dreamed of singing for the church choir. But at the age of 17, he ended up in jail for the aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. However, music became his guiding light to turn his life around.

Please press play and enjoy this impressive bonding sensation.

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