She Pushes a Paper Towel in the Window for a Life Saving Hack

Janette Fennell is the founder of the Kids and Cars safety organization. Here are her 5 life-saving tips for every car owner!

1. Install a Carbon Monoxide detector.

People often tend to forget about turning off the engine of their cars while having their mind on other things. Some of the owners rely highly on their revolutionized vehicles a little too much. So much so, they even forget about the dangers of Carbon Monoxide. Hence, keeping a Carbon Monoxide detector at home or garage will be very beneficial.

2. Keep a window breaker inside the car

In case, someone is stuck inside the car due to some inconvenient situation, a window breaker comes in handy. A person can use it to cut the seat belts and even break the car window when necessary.

3. Use power windows wisely!

Power windows can cause a lot of harm if not used wisely. The window can activate with an accidental press with 30 to 80 pounds of force.

To prevent this, one can use a roll of paper towel or a small cushion to block the window. The paper towel roll will make the window roll down automatically.

4. Get a good knowledge about the transmission lock

A brake transmission shift interlock is either set into the car or you have to hit the brake pedal. Therefore, one must read the owner’s manual and test your car’s transmission.

5. Attach a proper release.

The owner must aware himself and his family of the car trunk release mechanism. The release can be either pull or push release. Moreover, it can be even more beneficial to use a glow-in-the-dark release.

You can watch and follow the instructions from Janette’s useful video below!

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