Waitress Calls The Cops When She Notices Elderly Customer Hasn’t Shown Up For Days

Caring and kindness, the two things among many that make us human! The world has surely gone meaner than before but there is still kindness left in people which time and again makes us believe in humanity.

According to the sources, more than 14 million elderly people live alone in the US. The same was the case with 87-year-old Doreen Mann. The old pensioner lived alone as her husband moved to a care home. One day, unfortunately, she was stuck in her bathtub as she couldn’t move her legs after taking a bath.

Doreen was a regular customer at the cafe Tomassi where every weekend she used to enjoy a slice of her favorite cake. Congrave, the waitress there when did not see the old woman for several days suspected something wrong and called the cops. This was the moment that saved Doreen.

While visiting Doreen Mann’s home, the elderly lady was found stuck in her bathtub for four days. A generous thanks to Congrave who noticed and cared enough to call the police or else the situation could have gone very worse. Now as Doreen enjoys her favorite cake, this incident is also a subtle lesson for all of us to check upon the elderly people living around us.

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