Tiny Kitten Attacks his Dad’s Ear–and Gets Millions of Views

Pets are truly a blessing because they make our life so much better.  No matter how hard the day is, a little love from a pet can melt away whatever ails you.

Meet Pinky, who belongs to Irina. Pinky is a British Shorthair that Irina films to make us all feel a little better about our lives. You just can’t help but love something as wholesome and cute as Pinky.  She a fur-covered bundle of energy and innocence!

And thanks a lot to Dad, who keeps his composure throughout!  Pinky nibbles and rubs on his ear and Dad just lays there and takes it. This video is possibly the most adorable thing you’ll see this week. It’s so adorable that it’s been viewed nearly seven million times as of this writing!

Check out Pinky for yourself. Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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