Kitten Can’t Get Up Stairs, So Watch How German Shepherd Friend Helps Out

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The internet is filled with many different kinds of videos, one of the most popular being those that feature an inter-species relationship. Cats and dogs, for example, are often stereotyped to be one another’s enemies. Dogs have an instinctive urge to hunt and chase cats, which is why they are often seen chasing cats.

This is a natural behavior that has been passed down from their ancestors. Dogs are predators, so they will naturally chase cats as a way to fulfill their natural instinct. Even if a dog has been domesticated, it may still chase cats out of instinct.

But like this video shows, these two creatures can also be the best of friends. You are going to be smiling from ear to ear when you see this!

The German shepherd in the clip is named Tennyson, while his tiny little kitty friend is named Moo. As you can see, Tennyson is a giant compared to little Moo. Small kids need help from someone older as they grow up. The dog knows that. So when Moo has some trouble while climbing the stairs, he helpfully steps in for some much needed support.

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