He Films Himself Singing ‘Somebody To Love’ and It’s Giving Everyone Chills

Music is a powerful thing indeed. It is a universal language that anybody, no matter what race, religion or background they are from, can relate to. Certain musicians or bands tend to have more of an impact than others, based on the individual.

For instance, Queen is one of the most influential bands in the world till date, and they have inspired legions of fans all over the world. Freddie Mercury has to be one of the most charismatic singers of all time.

And the man in the following video was heavily influenced by him. Meet Marc Martel. Martel had always been a Queen fan, and the band also inspired a talent within him. The most surprising thing was how his voice is almost identical to Freddie Mercury’s! He must have gotten that comment from many people, so he must have been spurred to sing.

This video shows him singing the classic Queen song, “Somebody To Love”. His voice was so identical to Freddie Mercury that it almost looked like he was lip-syncing! No wonder this video has over 22 million views on YouTube alone.

To top it all off, some of his facial features even resemble Freddie Mercury’s! It’s almost like he’s the reincarnated version of the iconic star! Watch the incredible audition video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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