Tiger Surprises Fearless Little Girl From Behind – Pay Attention to Her Expression

Even though we cage wild animals in a zoo or put them in a sanctuary, they never entirely are domesticated. Therefore, the hunting nature creeps up from time to time.

In the clip below, Emily, a young girl, is facing her uncle taking pictures. A lion then slowly sneaks in from the back. When the toddler turns around, she is face to face with Diamond, the wild being. Usually, children tend to run away. But this fearless girl shows less or no sign of fear.

tiger surprise little girl

Diamond is one of the lions rescued from a circus. Their temper from years of trauma can result in aggressive behavior. However, it looks wholly harmless and maybe wants a friend. It doesn’t mean one should set him free. As long as they do not harm anyone, conservation park is a great home. Let us know your opinion on wildlife reserves in the comment section.

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