Man Who Never Had a Father Makes Videos for Kids Without Dads to Teach Them Typical Dad Stuff

Dad, I like that bike, could it get it for me? Pops, I want a PlayStation. We all have made different types of requests to our father. He being the sweetest person makes them all come true.

Now let’s imagine a kid who has to grow up without a mom or dad. It does break your heart, doesn’t it? Therefore, there are certain things they will have to figure out in life. But once in a lifetime, we meet a person who will help through these tiny details. In the clip, a guy posts videos of doing basic things. You might say, what’s so new about that? Usually, we learn this primary stuff from our parents.

The man teaches the techniques on making a tie, shaving, and many more. His help has acquired him a nickname,” The best father on the internet.” He wants to help the growing kids as he never had a father. Therefore, these videos hold more significant meaning to anyone watching. Please enjoy the clips, and don’t forget to bless him with your supporting words.

Please share this with your loved ones. It could help some get the closure they need.