Dance, no doubt, is the art of bringing music to life. Synchronization is an important step in the process of creating that magical wow factor. The youtube videos executing fiendish fouetté sequences will captivate your attention from the beginning. 

Only the finest artist understand the tricks behind grabbing the attention of viewers with perfection to every small detail. Similar to the incredible routine featured below. Sadeck Waff is a 28 years old dancer, choreographer, artist, and painter from France.

From an early age, Sadeck was creating dance moves games with his brothers. Furthermore, his love for painting was the inspiration behind the “Géométrie Variable” dance. Not only that, he has designed many other mirror forms of dancing. 

As a father, Sadeck describes his favorite piece as “Géométrie Variable 2,” created with his daughter Neylia.

Hence, it’s no surprise to expect a very meticulous form of dancing from the artist. In his videos, we witness groups of individuals sitting on a floor right behind him. Moreover, with perfect timing in precise movements, the group creates astonishing optical delights. More or less like a human kaleidoscope of limbs. 

So, be prepared to mesmerize with the in-sync maneuvers of Sadeck and his teams. Do share your thoughts in the feed. 

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