He Asks if There is a Telephone in Heaven & I Couldn’t Stop the Tears From Falling

This video features a heartrending song by the singer-songwriter Kelly Ray Burkham. It will definitely bring tears to your eyes before you even realize it. The song is titled “Telephone In Heaven”. Kelly wishes there was a telephone that could help people communicate with their loved ones they have lost over the years.

He expresses how he desires to speak with his departed grandmother and father one more time, just for a minute maybe. The words of the song are really touching and heartbreaking. “I’d tell him that I love him and miss him. I’m sorry for the times we never had….can I please talk to my Daddy for a while?” This will definitely have you reaching for the tissues!

Listen to the song below. If you could communicate with a loved one in heaven, who would it be? Please share how you felt listening to this in the comments!

[ytvid id =”uloaEY81hOQ”]

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