Talented Kid Puts On Epic Drum Performance Using Buckets At Subway Station

It takes a bit of motivation for children to p[rove their potential to the world. It is always good for them to start young.

Not everyone is blessed with materialistic fortune. However, many people are blessed with creativity and god gifted talents which are much more valuable than some materialistic things. This kid is someone who does not have much materialistic wealth. But, he has what most other people don’t, the skills and talent to convert wasteful things into something useful.

Not only is he creative, but he is also just as skilled. He turned his passion into his craft. The boy drums phenomenally on the subway and people are simply amazed by how good the boy is. It feels as if the train platform near 59th street in New York City stops for a while to feel this boy’s music.

He is simply too good to be true. Watch the full video below!

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