8 Dancers Take Home Championship, Their Incredible Moves Go Viral Overnight

Every dance requires years of dedicated practice to fully perfect. The tap dance is no exception. The tap dance needs dancers to belt out intricate rhythms using only their feet! But the dancers in the following video make it look like a piece of cake. Meet Tap This!—this group of eight talented dancers will blow you away with their stunning moves.

Instead of opting for a classic tap dancing routine, the Tap This! group clogged their way through the song “Honey I’m Good” by Andy Grammar. It was a little different than the usual tap dance routine. This routine wasn’t exactly an Irish dance either. It was just very unique and special. What made it even better were the members that moved around the stage with smiles on their faces and rhythm in their hearts!

You can only imagine how much time and effort they put into this routine, and how long it took them to perfect every little detail. By the end of their performance, all of the audience members has erupted in cheers and the judges were in awe by their perfect synchronization. With talent like this, no wonder this dance troupe is causing a sensation online!

Check out the full video below:

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