Swing Dancers Turn Up the Heat in Viral Routine That Thousands Are Still Watching

How we remember someone after their demise ? says a lot about the individual and us in general. As nobody is so cruel to lousy mouth a fallen soul. Death is a part of life, but for some, it is earlier than bargained.

So, let’s take a moment to remember Jason Colacino, the fantastic professional dancer. His first limelight appearance during the Swing dance festival is a massive hit to this date. The credit also goes to his dance partner, Katie Boyle, equally.

The performance is a sexy one, with slow dips and elastic moment done at arm’s distance. Every step is timed meticulously. The song Buddy Guy’s blues standard “Five Long Years, is an unusual choice. However, you wouldn’t for a second feel like it’s, off-tune.

In fact, the duo looks like they are sliding to the next step and the others. The crowd seems to appreciate their flawless work of art. Starting so early in his age, Jason went on to earn many titles. Not just that, he learned a couple of more dance types. For instance, Jazz, Ballet, Ballroom, Argentine Tango, and Salsa.

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