Landlords Threaten to Evict Vietnam Vet if He Doesn’t Get Rid of His Support Dog

Willie Williams, a disabled veteran, moved with his pet to Freedom’s Path in Southern Ohio, almost three years ago. The residential helps homeless or at-home-risk veterans. However, what was the reason behind the rude note from the owners?

The situation begins when someone saw his emotional dog, Diamond, off her leash. Even though Diamond did not harm any individuals or property; The owners send Willie a passive-aggressive note, stating he breezed the agreement.

Hence, he had to choose between the home and his best friend, Diamond. The vet has PTSD, accompanying loneliness and isolation. After the war, Diamond was a big help in the recovery phase. In order to choose between the two was heartbreaking. Furthermore, such equipped homes are hard to find, so moving out was not an option.

With no help around, he turned to “6 On Your Side Investigates.” The team called the house owners, but they could not list any such breaches. Later on, even stop picking up the calls entirely. Once the news came live, the furious community people went on asking for agreements poofs. In the meantime, two Colombian Lawyers to help Willie were able to negotiate terms for the happy stay of Diamond and her owner.

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