This Super Bowl Commercial Gives a Powerful Message to Not Give in and Have Hope

Time and again, we witness an amazingly creative storyline via advertisement. Much like the recent Superbowl ad. The heartwarming video features Paralympian Jessica Long’s life story. Jessica was born in Russia with a rare condition, fibular hemimelia. Which meant the toddler’s leg below the knew needed to be amputated.

For years Mrs. Long waited impatiently for a call. When the adoption agency reached out to the Long, thrilled with the news. She could hardly stop smiling. But that was not all. During the call, the agent explained to Mrs. Long about Jessica’s condition. Furthermore, taking care of a toddler walking in a prosthetic would never be easy.

In seconds the reply from the other side is encouraging. Thanks to Long’s decision to adopt Jessica, we had a chance to see an exemplary determination. Jessica is a renowned name in Paralympian athlete in the U.S. Swimming was a comfort she didn’t take for granted. Not just that, she has won 23 medals throughout her career. Moreover, out of the medals, 13 of them are gold.

Please press play and enjoy this touching clip.

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