He Grabs Her in His Arms, but When He Let Her Go, This Will Leave You Breathless

Pink is an amazing singer and performer and we all know that. But I seriously had no idea what an extraordinary performer she actually is until I watched this video clip from her DVD, Live from Melbourne. This awesome footage clearly depicts what an aura filled charismatic performer Pink actually is.

She not only stuns you with her amazing rock-solid vocals but also with amazing gymnastics synchronized with the vocals. It’s actually startling to see her giving such unbelievable performance without missing any of the vocals.

P!nk - Try - Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne 07_07_2013 3-1 screenshot

This is truly one of the most charismatic performances I have ever seen. The beautiful synchronization of gymnastics with solid vocals will surely make your day. Were you present in this concert? Or Have you been in any of her concert? If yes, do share your experience with us. We would love to know from you.

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