Helpless Bear Had A Bucket Stuck To His Head, So These Men Rushed To His Side To Free Him

Bears might seem like a very frightening species, but like other animals, they can crack you up sometimes! Just take a look at this video for example. This adorable bear somehow managed to get a bucket stuck to his head. You can see him walk around with no idea about his surroundings. He couldn’t get it off himself, but that’s when these kind people in the video stepped in to help.

These people had seen photos of a bear who had been struggling with an object stuck on it’s head for over a month. So they decided to try finding and helping the bear. The video below features the rescue. It comes as no surprise that the video spread quite fast on social media. We should be grateful to these people for helping the clueless bear.

Watch the video below! What would you do if you came across something like this? Feel free to share what you think in the comments!

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