Baby girl hears for the first time. Dad’s reaction will melt your heart

A parent knows how difficult it is to take care of their sick child — the sleepless nights, skipping work to take care of them. It could be very hectic. But seeing the results after doing so much for them is something all parents live for.

So, when this little girl was able to hear for the very first time, it was the proudest moment for her dad. His youngest daughter Macy was born with a hearing disability. And ever since a toddler, she couldn’t hear a sound. With help from Hearing Australia, Tristan Storer and his wife Lauren were able to restore her hearing.

girl hears for the first time

The doctors put in the hearing aid device inside her ears. Macy is a bit confused in the beginning. Her mother speaks with her softly and tries to ease her into it. But after a while, she gets the hang of hearing all the sounds and couldn’t be happier.

“Today, our youngest daughter had the sound ‘switched on’ for the very first time. I can’t speak highly enough of the team at hearing Australia who has guided us through this journey over the last month. #oneprouddad#hearingaids,” says the dad very proudly.

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