Stray Cat Wanders Into a Nursing Home, and Footage Shows Why He’s Extraordinary

Cats are some of the most loved creatures on the planet. But you have to admit, they are not the friendliest at first sight. They take time to get familiar and attached to new people. When you meet a dog, it’s not unusual for them to become instantly friendly with you. But with cats, it takes a lot of time and effort. So when staff at a nursing home saw a stray cat in the hallways, they were naturally very wary and skeptical at first.

The cat didn’t stop coming though, and they named him Oscar. According to one of the staff, he wasn’t the chummiest cat they’d met before. But he did start opening up and becoming friendlier with the residents. As time went by, it seemed like Oscar knew what he was meant to do. He seemed to know why he was there, and what his purpose was while he was in the nursing home.

Oscar did the rounds in the nursing home, just like any trained therapy animal. But the staff noticed something even more amazing. He would spend more time with those who were fighting for their lives or were almost at the end of their lives. He seemed to sense their time was near and comforted them by curling up in bed next to them! He was really an angel in disguise.

The patients must have felt so much better after being visited by this miracle cat!

Check out this amazing story below:

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