This Doggo Sees a Bunny for the First Time – What the Pooch Does After is Heartwarming!

In my opinion, baby animals are the most adorable thing on the planet! Moreover, there is nothing cuter than a young animal trying to figure out how things work. Like a baby bird that is just learning to fly, or a little bunny that is practicing their hops! This dog feels the same way about tiny rabbits!

Although Meg the Labrador is a full-grown dog, there are some things that he has never seen before. This includes baby bunnies that hop! Wild rabbits prefer grassy fields where it’s easier to burrow and spot prey. However, this brave bunny isn’t afraid when it sights the friendly-looking dog!

dog meets rabbit

Meg is curious about what the little creature is. Moreover, she gives it a quick sniff and grunts when she can’t figure it out! And the brown fluff adorably keeps still while the pooch examines it. Furthermore, its little hops scare her, and the canine gently uses her paws to see how it’s doing that. And in a while, the tender pooch is on her feet, wagging her tail as she plays with her new tiny friend! Watch the video below:

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