Man Open The Door For An Old Stranger Not Knowing It’s His Son That Traveled From 2,000 Miles Away

How far can a prank possibly go? This one went a little too far though.

This son really took a joke a little too far. Stretched it to an extent that his parents could not recognize him in any way. The son, well, we are not gonna lie, his idea for fooling his parents was definitely brilliant. The man is brilliant but is he a good son for having done what he did? He probably is but he got his parents good. No matter what you do, your children will pull a prank or do something funny to you no matter how old they get.

Man Open The Door

The man in this video put on an old man’s mask and went to his parents. The parents were not very nice to him as they could not decide if it was someone they know or did know. Also, the mask looked too real for the man’s own good. Hence, this is one of the most hilarious things ever.

You should look at their face when they saw their son unmask. Watch the full video below!

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