Punk Who Throws Brick at 2 Innocent German Shepherds, Gets Instant Karma

Sometimes Karma does a sweet thing to the ones who deserve it. This footage of people mistreating German Shephard quickly went viral after a fought back of these pets.

You can hardly see instant Karma happening to those who abuse these innocent creatures. But this time, the Shephards took Karma in their own teeth.

The onlookers recorded this footage. At the first part of the video, you see the owner in a yellow t-shirt walking his two pets. A few seconds later, a man ran to their direction with a brick and started throwing him. Then, another man joined in the act.

Seeing this, one german shepherd ran towards the abuser and attacked the guy. When the owner tried to stop him, the second one joined in. One chewed his hand will the others attacked the leg. The audience roared in support of the attack.

Take a look at yourself!

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