A Down Syndrome Boy Caught Comforting His Good Friend Classmate With Autism

Some things on the internet are just so heartwarming. Like this kid and what he did.

Well, children are just too sweet and kind. We all love children because of the innocence and pure heart they have in them. This video is proof of why things are always better with a good person around you. No matter how hard days get, if you have a person that is kind enough to help you in tough situations, trust us, you have everything. This video makes me very proud of this little kid.

The kid with Down Syndrome just knew that his friend needed help and he made sure he did what he had to. The cuties are just too good and kind towards one another. We can tell that the helpful boy was taught well by his parents. The lesson of kindness that we learn from this video is simply very impressive. I fell in love and you will surely too.

This is heartwarming. Watch the full video below!

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