Two Dancers Pose On Stage And Paralyze Audience With “Spirit Dance”

As an audience, I enjoy unique performances, but we come forth a few acts every once and a while. That is hard to wrap your head around.

In contrast, sometimes, I find the perfect ones that captivate my mind and soul. And the dance act below could do the same to you. As you are about to witness a jaw-dropping act to Kim Walker-Smith’s Spirit Break Out.


The footage is a combination of dance moves and projection art. The work is a piece of pure wonder and enchantment. Therefore, it’s impossible to miss the sheer genius and creativity put into it. The synchronization is magical and out of this world. How someone came up with the idea is beyond me. Regardless, that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the art. Please take a look into the wondrous envision of a creative individual. Do share what did you think about it.

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