Man Throws a Burrito at This Dog – Pay Attention to It Seconds Later

Every dog has different eating habits. While some clean their plate, others may nibble on a small portion for hours. Though we are not exactly sure about the reason behind this.

Professionals come up with a variety of distinctive approaches, which dates way back. When the breed first came close to human contacts due to the competition in the wild. They scrape the leftovers, which was then awarded by a proper meal. Hence, it could be a reason to gulp any food down.


Similarly, in the clip below, the owner shows a full-size burrito that he feeds to his bubba. And the dog finishes it in seconds literally. This kind of appetite normally makes parents happy. However, we need to get concerned about the weight gain and other medical conditions that can follow later.

So, please double-check the portion you feed your lovely buddy as we don’t want them to suffer. Please enjoy the entertaining clip and do share your pet’s eating habits in the feed.

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