Spy Hummingbird Sneaks Up to Billion Monarch Butterflies To Capture A Rarest Sight

Millions of butterflies migrate from the US and Canada. The butterflies make their way to Michoacán every year.

The northwest of Mexico welcomes a million monarch butterflies that form a swarm in oyamel and pine trees. And, the sound made by these butterflies collectively is so rare that only some were fortunate to hear them. But that’s about to change. This spy hummingbird takes us on a most wholesome trip to the home of monarch butterflies. The sound of a million monarch butterflies is too good to miss.

Monarch Butterfly Swarm

Monarch butterflies are almost extinct. Nonetheless, they are growing with the availability of native plants like milkweed. Over 140 million butterflies are found in a protected sanctuary of Mexico. Moreover, this is a very rare sight in any part of the world.

The swarm of these butterflies looks like an unfamiliar creature. But, the butterflies are often warming themselves in the oyamel and pine trees of Michoacán.

humming birdon Monarch Butterfly Swarm

The butterflies fluttering their wings sound like a waterfall. A butterfly or a few numbers of butterflies can hardly create such sound. Just the same, millions of butterflies can create a mesmerizing sound that is not common to the human ears.

Watch the video below and listen to the sound of millions of monarch butterflies!

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