This Camera in the Forest Captured the Most Incredible Scenes Ever

Nature is undoubtedly incredible. The amazing things happening in nature is something most of us can’t even wrap our heads around. And this video is a beautiful example of how nature works.

The video is a part of the 3D documentary of Mycologist Paul Stamets and his exploration of the Fungal world. It shows how mushrooms grow out in the wild.

fantastic fungi spirit of good

At first glance, the video looks like stop motion animation and absolutely unreal. But every part of it is real, and it seems magical. Through this documentary, Paul wants to show everyone how fungi are one of the essential creations of nature, especially for the planet.

The video is called Fantastic Fungi: The Spirit of Good. And through this video and the documentary, Paul wants to spread the spirit of goodness among the people.

WATCH the incredible video below.

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