Quick Thinking 7-yr-old Bangs Neighbor’s Door After Sensing A Wild Bobcat Following Her

In one of the surveillance clips of Ring, a little girl rushes to her neighbor’s door in fright. And all thanks to the doorbell cam, she could quickly feel secure and wait for protection.

A bobcat that she came across while biking terrified 7-year-old Taylor. She quickly rushed to the neighbor’s door and rang the doorbell. Sadly, the neighbors weren’t around to help her.

But all hope wasn’t gone. The owner of the house got notified as soon as she rang the doorbell. The neighbor was able to talk to her through a phone app. Little Taylor was calling out for her mother while the neighbor tried her best to comfort the girl. The neighbor comforted her and asked her to stay there until they returned.

The little girl stood in front of the neighbor’s door until they finally drove up to the house. Fortunately, the doorbell camera helped the little girl protect herself from the wild bobcat.

Watch the video of the little girl below!

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