Feeling Safe, Soldiers Sing “Take Me Home, Country Roads” on Flight Home to Their Families

The soldiers deployed in the armed force live a life of struggle and pain. They have to put their life out of the line and commit to their nation. Also, while going through intense boot camp training, they execute fight-flight responses to remain mentally sharp. It’s a lot of pressure and requires a lot of endurance. So, imagine the amount of happiness when you finally get to go home after years of service. This video will accurately portray how soldiers feel.

After being deployed for 11 months, the National Guards finally get to go home. With this exciting thought, the entire troop starts singing, “Take me home, country road.” They share their collective joy amongst each other, and no one will forget this special moment. And can’t wait to get back to their loved once. Besides, after dreaming of reuniting with your family for years, finally getting to meet them is truly a bliss. The wholesome reunion of soldier families will leave you in tears. Soldiers’ hard work for the nation paid off with the love and support of their families. The beautiful bond that these soldiers developed amongst each other is evident with this heartwarming performance. They even go on to sway their heads to and fro in sync along with the song.

Soldiers have indeed sacrificed a lot for the sake of our country’s wellbeing. So, let’s celebrate their memorable journey from the army basecamp and back home. And the word of praise of our heroes should be sung more often. To all the brave men and women soldiers in the army, we salute them! Watch this video down below:

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