1960s Doo-wop Was a Hit for This Band Yesterday and It’s Still Their Best Tune Today

Love songs have a special place in our hearts. And the vulnerable, raw emotions of a good love song reminds us of our puppy love. Therefore, this doo-wop single ‘Stay,’ manages to capture the hearts of millions. As its a classic firsthand, you may have come across this commercially successful hit. If not, check them out right now!

Maurice, the songwriter of the song, talks about his experience when he was dating at the tender age of 15. He remembers his budding romance with his lover. When the girl has to go home at 10, he pleads her to stay just a little longer. Thus, the title of the song. And years after, the memories of this event became an inspiration for him to write the song. They give this exceptional performance on The Village Square, a TV show from Charleston, South Carolina.

Apart from the music, their bright shamrock green shirts and crisp, white slacks became the highlight of the show. Further, the way they start snapping their fingers with colorful sight becomes a spectacular jamming session. Did you like this oldie band singing in all its glory! Watch this video down below: 

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