Three Sisters All Over the Age of 100 Share Their Secret for Long and Healthy Life

It is almost rare to see people above the age of 100. However, these three sisters break the record for being the oldest siblings trio in the world.

You may think 100 is the oldest one can be. Whatsoever, the youngest sibling in this trio is 100 while the other two are 102 and 104 respectively. 104-year-old Julia Kopriva and 102-year-old Lucy Pochop still treat 100-year-old Frances Kompus like a baby. Recently, Frances celebrated her 100th birthday alongside her older sisters.

The older sisters make Frances feel as young as ever. They say that faith and good parents helped them live for such a long time. These sisters also had an active life in the past working on the farms which may have influenced their longevity. The oldest of them, Kopriva shares that she was always the boss among the three.

This is one of the most wholesome things you will find on the internet! Watch the full video below!

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